The Importance of Monitoring Your Tire Tread Depth

When your car has a problem with the engine or the brakes, you'll probably know because of the dashboard warning lights. But how do you know when your car has problems that aren't represented by the warning lights, such as the condition of your tires?

Although your car may let you know when the tires are low on air, it won't tell you when your tires are rotting or getting worn beyond a safe level. Because there is no warning light that tells you your tire tread depth is getting low, you must remember to take a look at your tires regularly. Check tire depth with a depth gauge or even a penny or a quarter. If your depth is below 4/32 of an inch, consider getting new tires soon to avoid a higher risk of crashing. Have your tread depth professionally checked at LaFontaine Ford of Frankenmuth, and we can answer any questions you may have about your tires.

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