What Makes a SUV Appealing to Local Drivers?

SUVs have become increasingly popular during the course of the last decade, particularly due to their four-wheel drive capabilities, versatility, and many more other qualities. If you’ve found yourself considering the decision to own or lease a SUV in Birch Run, MI, then our team at LaFontaine Ford of Frankenmuth has listed five advantages that you will encounter:

All weather capabilities

Four-wheel drive capability in an SUV offer improved handling, and the extra weight of the vehicle increases its stability and performance especially in the wet months.


Most new SUVs have third-row seats that either provide additional seating space for passengers, or fold down for extra cargo volume.

Command Seating Position

Sitting up higher assists the driver to see further down the road or over traffic. It can even make finding a parking spot in a dense lot easier!


Nowadays most people would choose an SUV over a truck because an SUV offers extra seating and still tows.

Additional Safety

SUVs have anti-roll capabilities and additional airbags. Most of them are also listed in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as the safest vehicles to travel in.

SUVs aren’t just right for hauling everything you own including your family and friends but, for those who’ve experienced it, it is impossible to settle for anything smaller. For further information visit our showroom at 11661 South Beyer Road today!

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