Concerned About Your Tire Pressure Sensor?

Most vehicles these days come with tire pressure sensors on all four of the tires that are on the vehicle and many of them are actually monitoring the spare tire as well. If you give all four tires a once over and don't find a problem, you may need to check that fourth tire as well. Some common reasons that your tire pressure sensor might come on can include:

  • Low tire pressure in one or more tires.
  • High tire pressure in one or more tires.
  • A tire that has low pressure due to a slow leak.
  • A sensor that maybe has become dislodged or damaged during the driving process.

If you cannot find a reason why your vehicle's tire pressure sensor monitoring system is alerting you of a concern, give our service center here at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run a call so we can help figure out what is going on and get you back on the road.

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