Ford Taurus - Look at Those Design Features

If you’re in the market for a popular full-sized sedan, the Ford Taurus can fit the bill on so many levels. From excellent fuel economy and powerful engines to all the latest technology, the new Ford Taurus has everything you could want in a family.

No chance of being left in the dark because any time the wipers are activated or you’re in low-light situations, the Taurus’s High-Intensity Discharge headlamps turn on automatically. Also standard on all models are the sharp LED tail lamps, which consume less energy, light up quicker and shine brighter than conventional tail lamp bulbs.

Whether you’re one person or part of a family, the Ford Taurus will more than satisfy every desire you have for a car. If you’d like to take it out for a test drive, come to our Birch Run showroom, and we’ll set you up.

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