Illuminate the Surroundings While Operating a Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport can light up dim and dark environments using its very powerful bulbs. If you can't effectively observe your surroundings while driving during the night, this car's lighting system can provide big benefits long after the sunsets.

LED technology is used to power the bulbs in the headlamps. When compared to other lighting systems, Ford's bulbs are unique because they're part of a signature series. As these bulbs shine, light is strategically projected throughout the environment. Each lamp is bright and can easily illuminate a great distance ahead of the Ecosport.

Besides a bold lighting system, the Ford EcoSport also has other stylish features, and you can observe them while visiting LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run. We have a dedicated staff that explains key Ford features on our lot and during test drives. Our business is located in a convenient spot in Birch Run, MI, and we make the process of setting up cruises simple.

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