Top Tech Features of the Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a top-selling small crossover that combines style, space, and performance. For years, the Escape has also been a leader when it comes to cabin tech features. Here are two unique tech features found on the current Ford Escape crossover.

Each Ford Escape model comes with Ford's powerful Co-Pilot 360 Technology suite of features. With Ford 360 Co-Pilot, you have access to a number of advanced features including Auto High Beam Headlights. This advanced headlight system is able to automatically adjust its illumination power based on the amount of exterior light during driving conditions. Ford Co-Pilot 360 also includes Adaptive Cruis Control with Stop and Go.

Another unique tech feature found on the Ford Escape crossover is FordPass Connect. This powerful app allows you to access a number of features of your Ford Escape from the comfort of your smartphone. With FordPass Connect, you can start, stop, lock, unlock and even remotely start your vehicle.

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