Top To Wheels Style With the 2019 Ford Flex

The Ford Flex SUV has been designed to be stylish with every inch from the top to the bottom of the vehicle. This vehicle has been designed in a way that makes it unmistakable. You will know what type of vehicle it is as soon as you set eyes on it at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run and anywhere else you see it.

One of the features that differentiate the Flex from the other vehicles is the unique grille. The Chrome Grille has been designed to integrate with the headlamps. The vehicle identifies itself with the 'FLEX' letters on the hood of the vehicle.

The Grille of the 2019 Ford Flex blends in well with the headlamps which light the way. The headlamps are unique in their design with HID design. These types of bulbs produce twice as much output as the other types of bulbs. At the same time, they last even longer.

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