Safe Towing in the Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 is a great truck for towing. Not only is this popular full-size pickup truck capable of towing up to 13,200 pounds when it's properly equipped, but it's also available with additional features that are specifically designed to make towing much easier.

One feature that's available to Birch Run, MI drivers at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run is Pro Trailer Backup Assist. Essentially, this system synchronizes the brakes of the truck to the brakes of the trailer whenever you back up. Once initiated, this feature can help you back your trailer into tight parking spaces and garages without any issues.

Also available is a dedicated trailer brake controller. This feature works very similarly to the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system. However, it can be used to synchronize the brakes as you're moving forward. It's engineered to provide you with greater control on the road. Depending on driving conditions, it may reduce swaying and unnecessary jerking sensations as you drive.

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