If you've recently been driving and found that your quality of breath wasn't normal, then this could be a sign that your vehicle needs a new cabin air filter. Cabin air filters work to keep gross stuff like dust and mold spores out of your car's interior air. If you've never heard of it, just trust that your mechanics have.

So how often do you need to check on your cabin air filter? Well, unfortunately, there's no standard time or recommended calendar checkup. Your cabin air filter's lifespan can vary quite a bit depending on what kind of car you have, and which model you purchased. That's why it's recommended you always have your car serviced by trained professionals, who know to check for things like cabin air filter quality regularly.

To have your car serviced by knowledgeable professionals, come bring your vehicle to us here at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run soon. We're happy to help.

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