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Making sure the brakes are in good condition is an important part of keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance. While there are signs that’ll alert you to the brakes needing service, there are some telltale ones that we’ll highlight.

At LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run, we’ve written a guide to brake service for our friends and our neighbors in and around Birch Run, Clio, and Saginaw, MI.

When Should I Get My Brakes Serviced?

Technician doing a brake inspectionGenerally, you should be following the maintenance schedule that’s included in your vehicle owner’s manual. This will lay out the milestones that call for the brakes to be serviced. It will also spell out what parts of the brakes need to be serviced or replaced due to extended wear and tear. However, we understand that not everyone is going to have access to an owner’s manual, depending on the year or the model they own.

If that’s the case, then you should have your car’s brakes inspected every six months or every time you get the tires rotated. An alternate timeline is to go by mileage and not by a precise time. For example, a brake pad should be replaced at 50,000 miles. However, due to differences in driving habits, this could be pushed up to 25,000 miles or as far back as 70,000 miles.

What Are Some Telltale Signs That I Need Brake Service?

There are more than a few ways of noticing that your car’s brakes need some TLC and you need to bring it in for servicing. An obvious example—but still important to notice—is the brake light illuminating. This is your vehicle’s way of telling you that it’s either due for regular service or in need or repairs. Another tell is grinding noises as that means the brakes lack sufficient padding to prevent contact between metal points.

Other tells include “spongy” or soft brakes. When you hit the brakes, you’ll want to feel a degree of resistance. If the pedal goes straight to the floor, it can be indicative of moisture present in the braking system. You could also experience shaking or vibration when hitting the brakes, which can indicate that the thickness of the rotor is uneven.

Burning smells are another great tell. If you smell a sharp, chemical odor, it could mean overheated breaks, which may lead to an immediate need for repairs.

What To Expect When Bringing Your Vehicle to Our Service Center

Measuring the width of brake padsWhen you bring in your vehicle for brake service, our team of highly trained technicians is ready to resolve whatever problem you present, whether that is spongy brakes or intense grinding in the brakes. Our team will perform a comprehensive inspection of the brake system, starting with checking for even wear and tear, while also measuring brake pad and shoe thickness.


Additionally, they’ll make sure the brake lines, the master cylinder, and the wheel cylinder aren’t leaking. They will investigate the calipers for wear, fluid leaks, and movement. Finally, they’ll check the anti-lock brake sensors as well as the brake fluid condition and level.

Schedule Your Brake Service Today!

Now that our friends and our neighbors in and around Birch Run, Clio, and Saginaw, Michigan, have read our guide to brake service, it’s time to move forward. The next time your vehicle is due for routine brake service or you have an issue with the brakes, schedule service with the team at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run!


Brake Service

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