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Service technician conducting an inspectionService FAQs

While the service team at LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run is here to handle all your vehicle service needs, it’s common to have some questions. Whether you’re wondering how often you should get your vehicle’s oil changed or the brakes replaced, why it needs transmission repairs, or how you can repair the tires, we’re here to be your guide.

You’ll be able to drive around Birch Run, Clio, and Saginaw, MI, feeling confident in your vehicle’s performance abilities once you take a look through our service FAQs page.

Receiving an oil refreshHow Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Oil changes are essential for engine performance and should be completed approximately every 7,500 miles. However, that can vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model and its oil type.

The engine oil helps to prevent the engine from overheating and keeps all the moving parts lubricated. However, as you drive, the oil will collect built-up debris and get burnt, causing it to become thicker. This is the point when you should have the oil changed.

One of our team members will drain the old oil and remove the old oil filter. Then, they’ll install a fresh filter and refill the system with clean oil.

Can You Repair Tires?

When your vehicle’s tires are damaged, you won’t always need to replace them. Tire repairs are simple in certain situations—it just depends on the kind of damage sustained. Ideally, you should bring your vehicle into a service center, so a team member can determine the extent of the damage and whether repairs are possible.

In most cases, if a tire is punctured, a quick patch will have you up and running again, as good as new!

Inspecting a car's transmissionDo You Need Transmission Repairs?

Replacing a transmission is a serious job. So, if repairs are required, they may be the ideal solution to your problems.

You can tell that your vehicle may be in need of transmission repair if you notice it has problems when you’re shifting gears. If you drive a manual transmission, this can appear as an inability or a difficulty shifting gears, grinding sounds, and clutch slips.

Automatic transmissions may feel slow to move when you change gears, buck or kick while you’re driving, or slow down unexpectedly.

How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes?

The brake system is complex and made up of a few different parts that all work together. When it comes to replacement, here are the parts that will need the most maintenance:

  • Brake pads: Should be replaced approximately every 25,000 miles
  • Rotors: May need to be replaced between 30,000 and 70,000 miles
  • Brake fluid: Recommended to replace it every two to three years

However, it’s important to note that these intervals can vary depending on how you drive, what you drive, and where you drive. Some brakes may last longer than others. So, check with your service technician to make sure your vehicle’s brakes are in top condition.

Have Service Questions? Ask the Experts!

These are only a few of the most frequently asked questions our LaFontaine Ford of Birch Run service team has run into. If you have another question about your vehicle and its service needs, know that our experts are here for you.

Contact us to learn more about vehicle service. We look forward to helping you cruise confidently around Birch Run, Clio, and Saginaw, Michigan.


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